The new Caterpillar 319 arrives from Barcelona

The new Caterpillar 319 arrives from Barcelona

Llegada de la nueva CATERPILLAR 319

As we advanced a few weeks ago, in Gesvil Recycling we have acquired a new machine for recycling stone and concrete that will allow us to convert these materials into recycled aggregates.

The new Caterpillar 319, imported from Barcelona (Spain), is now operational at Ecoparque. This machine will enable our customers turn their construcition waste into recycled material, preserving the environment and avoiding further mining natural stone.

Gesvil Recycling is the only waste manager authorized by the MMinistry of Environment inistry of Environment for the integrated industrial and construction waste recycling.
In this video you can see the new Caterpillar 319 equipped with crusher working in our facilities:

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