We incorporate a truck and more containers to our fleet

Entrada del nuevo camión en el puerto de Panamá

In order to provide the best service to our customers, in Gesvil Recycling we have added a Volvo FM7 and more containers to our fleet. With this acquisitions, we will improve our service while this is faster and handier for the client. This truck, equipped with Swedish technology, strictly complies with the acoustic regulations, and records low levels of CO2 emissions. …


GesVil Recycling en Festi Harpia 2016

GESVIL and the Harpy Eagle, celebrated together the Good Deeds day. On Sunday, 10 April, the FESTI HARPIA 2016 was held at the Summit Municipal Park, where children and adults participated in the sensitization and separation of recyclable materials, to contribute to environmental conservation, recycling plastic bottles, cardboard, cans and Tetrapak.

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